Caesarean Section

There is a chance that you need a cesarean section known as C-section when a baby is breached or you had a C-section before. However, we ask you to create a maternity plan and encourage you to attend maternity classes that the clinic provides. We want nothing but for your baby to grow healthy.

We support the idea that family members are welcome during the surgery. Fathers, brothers, and sisters can all welcome new addition to the family together. We also believe that mothers feel more relaxed and can deliver their babies easily if they are next to their family members.

We make sure that no family members will see the surgical procedure or any traces of blood while the surgery is ongoing. You can even play music during the surgery. There was once a father who brought his guitar and played it next to his wife.

Early skin to skin contact starts right after the surgery when the doctor confirms that the baby is healthy. As you can see from the picture, a mother is holding her baby during the surgery.

If the baby was in perfect condition upon birth, the father can also hold the baby. You will do early skin to skin contact until the surgery is over. That is by feeling and touching the baby`s skin directly to your chest.

The father will also feel the baby by skin to skin contact. We have seen some fathers in awkward position while holding a new baby while some are smiling happily. Babies seem to be feeling calm in his arms, and you may also see various expressions of a new baby.

After that, the mother and the baby will go back to the room together and rooming-in starts immediately after the surgery. Anesthesia is still in effect after the surgery which limits the mother to do things herself till it wears off. The clinic staff will take care of the mother until she recovers and the staff will also help in nursing the baby.

Even though your birth is a C-section, there is no significant difference in welcoming your precious baby into your family.

We at Yui Clinic would like to support the babies who are born with C-section; the same treatment is given to them as to the babies who are born with vaginal delivery. We encourage you to hold the baby on your chest as soon as the baby arrives.

One of birth review

When I discovered that I was pregnant, I was recommended by a friend to visit Yui Clinic. From the very beginning I loved the feel of the place. It has carefully nurtured a calming, home-like environment. All of the staff are very kind, friendly and extremely competent. In consultation with the doctor, I weighed my options and decided to have a scheduled C-section as I had previously required a C-section with the birth of my daughter in the U.S.

I prepared myself for a lengthy and uncomfortable procedure, but my birth experience was surprisingly positive. The surgery was efficient, and extremely carefully done. The recovery period was extremely well-supported by the doctor and midwives. Even the food was excellent—fresh and lovingly hand-made, and beautifully presented. Each of the women who came to help me and my baby in these first days of his life had something unique and valuable to share. They really go above and beyond to foster a positive environment for mothers, babies and their families. I recommend that any woman seeking care should give it a try.

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With the lecture by Dr. Fumi Shimabukuro

Early Skin to skin contact with Dad