Hospital Stay

Normal delivery

First time: 5-6 days
Second or more: 1-6 days
C-section: 4-10days

After birth, you and your baby will remain under highly personalized care. You can have your baby stay in your room with you at all times, enabling you to learn how to take care of your new infant. Mothers also receive breast-feeding information and assistance from our specially trained staffs during their hospital stay. We will also take care of the babies for a short time while mothers take a rest or shower.

Family members can be present at the childbirth. They can also stay together while the mother and infant are hospitalized in the clinic.
(When all the beds are in use, family can be there at the delivery, but they may not be able to stay through the night with the mother and infant. Thank you for your understanding in advance.)

Meals for family can be provided if we are informed a day before.