Intravenous Treatment

It will take about 30-60 minutes. New patient who only wants intravenous drip treatment will be charged ¥2,820 for new patient fee.

Vitamin Intravenous Treatments

Beautiful skin
Vitamin C and Biotin will improve skin condition. For freckles, rough skin and acnes.
It is enriched Multiple vitamin IV which has all the nutrition we need. α lipoic acid and amino acid were added to raise your metabolism.
Fatigue recovery
Vitamin C and amino acid were added into vitamins intravenous injection. It will help you recover fatigue and physical strength quick.

Vitamin Intravenous Injections

The active ingredients were extracted from a human placenta. It helps to reduce symptoms of menopause, anti-aging, poor circulation, stiff shoulders and backache.
1A ¥1,000
2A ¥2,000
3A ¥3,000
(Known as Garlic Injection)
It is effective to get rid of tiredness, fatigue, early cold symptoms, tension headache, stiff shoulders, eyestrain, backache, poor circulation, hangover and rough skin. Vitamin special is added effective vitamins for fatigue recovery. It is known as a garlic injection because there is a garlic smell that comes from the sulfur contained in vitamin B1.
Vitamins Special: ¥2,200
High-dose vitamin C
By intravenous injections, dripping 25g of high-dose vitamin C for one hour. 50g and 75g high-dose vitamin C are available for cancer patients. It is effective for anti-aging(freckles, wrinkles, sag skin, dull skin, antioxidant action), enhancement of immunity, relieving stress. We use ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) from Bionich. This product is preservative-free. ※You will need a blood test(G6PD) before you start this treatment. Ingredients: ascorbic acid 500mg, edetate 0.25mg, sodium hydroxide110mg
25g one-time ¥12,000
25g 5sets ¥45,000
25g 10sets ¥70,000