Lactation Clinic

The lactation clinic at Yui handles various concerns and issues related to breast feeding. We provide full support for issues about breast feeding such as pain-free breast care during the nursing period and tutorial on how to breast feed. If you have any concerns related to breast feeding and unsure about seeing a doctor, please feel free to contact us by phone.

Common concerns

  • Breast issues such as mastitis,
  • When the baby is having a difficulty latching onto the breast,
  • When you feel like you have a low supply of milk,
  • When you feel like you have over supply of milk,
  • Questions about weaning from breast feeding,
  • Questions about whether medications you are currently taking affect breast feeding or not.
  • If you are thinking of weaning from breast feeding, please consult us first before you do.
  • We offer home visits to those who are in their early postpartum.
  • Please bring three hand towels and your Maternal &Child Health Handbook.

Our clinic incorporates “BS Care” as a method of breast care. BS Care was based on the mechanism used by infants when they are suckling during breast feeding. The primary characteristic of BS Care is the pain-free breast feeding for all types of breast conditions.

Initial consultation fee: approximately 5000 yen*
Follow-up consultation fee: approximately 3500 yen*
*Price may vary depending on the content of the consultation, symptom and prescription medications.

We also offer lactation consultations to those who did not give birth at Yui Clinic.