Menstrual Cycle Alteration

In the case where your menstruation overlaps with your important appointments and events, you can shift your menstruation period with the use of a medicine from the female hormone.

In our hospital, clients can make a consultation if they wish to adjust the starting date of their menstruation cycle. Please feel free to contact us.

Please consult with us at least one week before the scheduled menstruation. If you do not have a good menstrual cycle, you should consult as soon as possible.

In case you wish to adjust your menstruation cycle, the option is you can opt to have it advanced or delayed.

It may be better for you to advance your menstruation before you start taking the medicine to shift your menstruation due to an important schedule. If you can at least take one more month without considering your important schedule, it will be easier to adjust.

The adjustment of your menstrual cycle can be done any time during the clinic hours. You may set an appointment through our website and select a booking with a gynecologist. We also accept reservations by phone.