Oral Contraceptive Pills (OC)

Oral contraceptive Pills (OC), usually called the Pill, are known as the birth control pills that work to prevent pregnancy as using this hormone pill inhibits ovulation.

How does the OC pill work?

OC pill mainly works as a preventive measure against ovulation. It contains female hormone of estrogen and progestogen which prevents the pituitary gland from stimulating follicular development. This mechanism suppresses the ovulation.

The follicle has been prepared in the woman’s ovary since she was a fetus. It is stimulated by hormones and developed one by one. The pill makes the ovary work as if it is in the stage of sleeping.

Worries about the side effects

The side effects will be felt as you start taking the pill and will go back to normal within 3 months.

The major side effects are vomiting, softening of the breast, headache, pain in the area below the stomach, metrorrhagia, and so on. Even though some people worry about the risk of thrombosis, it is actually 1/10th less risky compared with the rate of risk during pregnancy. OC gives you a safe and secure contraception as long as you need it. The pill doesn’t make you gain weight. You might experience swelling, but it will disappear and it will be back to normal within a few months. There is also the worry about it being linked to cancer. There have been reports that using the pill actually reduces the risk of having cancer of uterine and the possibility of having cervical cancer. It has been reported to have a slight or no influence on the increased risk of having breast cancer. Due to the increase in number of the breast cancer patients in Japan, the health checkups for both breast cancer and uterine cancer examination are strongly recommended, whether or not you take OC pill. One may acquire metrorrhagia from taking the pill. We recommend that you see the doctor if it is an unusual metrorrhagia.

Effectiveness of OC pill

  1. Prevent ovulation
    As the pituitary gland catches the hormone of estrogen and progestogen which are included in the pill, it suppresses the secretion of both follicle-stimulating hormone(FSH) and luteinizing hormone(LH). As a result of that, the ovulation is prevented. In other words, the pill contains both estrogen and progestogen, so the pituitary gland stops sending a signal for the preparation of hormones to the ovary.
  2. Changing endometrium
    The pill changes endometrium to suppress the implantation of fertilized ovum.
  3. Changing cervical mucus
    The pill changes cervical mucus to prevent sperm from getting into the womb.

Failed rate of OC (Compare with other contraceptive devices)

Failed rate of OC(Compare with other contraceptive devices)*If the patient uses the method of contraception accurately.
**Shows the percentage of pregnancy in general use which means it includes forgetting to take and so on.
(Hatcher,R.A.et al.:Contraceptive Technology:Eighteenth Revised Edition, New York:Ardent Media 2000)

The condom failure rate is at 2% if used the correct way, and it goes up to 15% when used in general way. As you know that the above table shows the high contraceptive efficiency of the pill. Also, it is said that the major reason of high failed contraception rate is when one forgets to take the pill. The pill and intrauterine contraceptive devices are therefore the recommended contraceptive devices as they are highly efficient in contraception.

It is important not to forget to take OC

OC has to be taken once at the same exact time every day. There are two type of OC. One includes the placebo (for 21days) and the other, without the placebo (for 28days), and both of them are used for the 28days cycle. In order to take the pill every day, it is a good idea to set an alarm on your cell phone, and to mark the check sheet of the pill schedule.
There are also instances when the woman misses to take the pill due to a busy schedule. She may even end up not being able to continue taking the pill. The doctor will need to check and confirm if the pill is fit or compatible with the patient for the first few months. After that, it will be then possible to give the prescription for a few months. Please take the pill daily and regularly.

Once I stop taking the pill, will it cause a difficult pregnancy? The regular menstruation recovers within 3 months after you stop taking the pill. If the woman has menstrual irregularity or ovulation disorder, her menstruation cycle go back to how it did before she started taking contraceptive devices. She might need to have infertility treatment after she stops taking OC. If she has smooth regular menstrual periods, the ovulation develops within 3 months. It is said the pill effectively prevent endometriosis in order to let the ovary rest for all women, may they have irregular menstruation or regular menstruation.
OC pill helps in keeping the womb in good condition for her future pregnancy.
If you get pregnant right after you stop taking the pill, there is nothing to worry because it has nothing to do with the medication. Furthermore, the pill can alter the menstrual cycle of the woman. This is in the case that her menstruation period may affect important events such as an examination, trips, and so on.

The pills give us the power to control birth in order to protect our body from unwanted pregnancy (abortion) which may affect us emotionally. It is very important that you protect your body by yourself.

The pills can surely prevent pregnancy; however, it doesn’t protect you from contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Even though you take the pill, you had better use condom to protect yourself from contracting any sexually transmitted disease.

Benefits of taking OC Pill

  • The period cycle becomes smooth
  • Dysmenorrhea is improved
  • Reduce the menstrual blood loss
  • Minimizes the occurrence of acne
  • Prevention of endometriosis
  • It is easy to change the date of menstrual period if something important is expected.(It has to change the way of taking the pill)
  • Lessens anemia
  • Reduce the ovarian cancer, cancer of uterine body

OC Pills and Cigarettes

It is said that quitting smoking is a very difficult thing to do. We understand that. However, we all know that smoking can be the root cause of many illnesses. It is never too late to quit smoking. All you need to do is ask us about it.

Try to reflect and assess yourself. Is cigarette necessary for you to do your daily activities? Do you need contraception to assist you with your quitting? Some people think that cigarette is a necessity for them. This is a misunderstanding which is the result of nicotine dependence.

If you are determined to quit smoking, you may take certain contraception. All you need to do is quit smoking and take the pill. Many nicotine dependents have been cured by this medicine. Please ask us about this medical care.

However, if a person is over 35 years old and smokes over 15 sticks of cigarette a day, the pill may not take effect.

Just think about it! Compare the expenses of both the cigarettes and the pills in a month. They cost about 2,000 yen a month. There are many other things you can buy with this amount.

Let’s quit smoking today and live a healthy life with the help of contraception!

OC Pills and Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)

Do we need to wear a condom during intercourse when I am taking a pill for certain contraception?

You can freely engage in sexual intercourse as long as you and your partner are disease free. That means both of you have been tested negative with chlamydia, rinn, AIDS, hepatitis C, hepatitis B, and baido.

Come and see us to ask for the OC Pill

We prescribe the OC pill in our clinic. The best thing about it is, it is covered by the health insurance most especially if you have a worse menstrual pain.

Just fill out the interview sheet provided then have your blood pressure checked, your body weight measured and then we can provide you instructions on how to take the pill.

Please use our medical treatment rate as a reference for the cost of the pill.