Steps to Coming to Yui Clinic

Steps to Coming to Yui Clinic

If you want to have tours of Yui clinic,or have check up or have examinations, Please make an appointment by either calling or contacting us using the form below.

Contact form

Because our clinic stays very busy, we cannot facilitate walk in’s or tours if you do not have an appointment.

  • This tour visit will be 5,000 yen and an out of pocket expense for the potential mother
  • We have English translation service available via telephone or some of our staff speaks English.
  • If you want to know the detail of the examination we recommend bringing a translator.
    There are some translators we can introduce to you. If you are interested in supported by translator, please ask us.

At this time we are not accepting mothers desiring to do a VBAC, deliver or twins at the clinic. We will refer you to other providers as necessary.
If you are now breech presentation, if you are condition is acceptable doing external cephalic version(ECV), we can discus doing ECV.

Other tips about the clinic

Get to know Okinawa customs. At our clinic, we offer support that is not like a typical hospital. For Japanese women, they usually stay 4-7 days after deliver. While American mothers are not accustomed or required to stay that length of time we greatly recommend taking advantage of the around the clock breastfeeding support and care offered by the midwives.

You will be required to take classes. We have a list of classes to choose from.

Appointments can take a couple of hours. So please plan your day accordingly. You will be seen by the OBGYN and then spend time consulting with a midwife.

Circumcision is not done at this clinic. there are some hospitals accept Circumcision.
The day of the birth, you will have your support team there with you, including the translator, if arranged.

When leaving the facility you are provided with a Japanese birth certificate. You will need to get your translator and required paperwork to make a trip to the local city office where YOU live.

We introduce you to a Doula who can help you make your delivery easier, smoother and a satisfying experience. In addition, a translator is very helpful for you to have smoother communication during the delivery. It is also recommended that you come to the clinic with a translator during the check-up. During the check-up, be aware that you may have many meeting sessions with our midwives and counselors. So it is better if you come to the clinic with a translator during miewife sessions and counseling.