The Birth

How do you imagine giving birth? There are people who can imagine what it is exactly like while some have no clue at all of what to expect. We at Yui Clinic always make much effort to support every woman during her pregnancy and giving birth. We want this moment to be very valuable and memorable to every mother.

Maternity Plan

A maternity plan is required by this clinic during pregnancy. This will guide all the expecting mothers about the process so that they will have a pleasant delivery. This will also serve as self-assessment or a reflection time for you on how you want to give birth and raise your child.

How to make a clear maternity plan

  • What is your ideal family?
  • Days after delivery,
  • Take time to imagine your experience in the clinic,
  • Things I want to do when you give birth,
  • Things I want to do during pregnancy,
  • Required information during pregnancy.

The way and ease you experience during giving birth is dictated by your instinct so you have to make things clear in your mind.

We offer various options on how you want your baby to be delivered assuming that it is a natural.

You can give birth in standing position, sitting position, laying on the side or in any position comfortable for you. It is also called active birth. There are no rules when your labor starts. You can walk, eat, take a bath, or do any activities you prefer. We will always support you to use the power of instinct when giving birth.

Achieving a natural childbirth requires a mother to keep her mind and body in balance during pregnancy. She needs to believe she has the innate power and wisdom to trust her body and baby during birth.

In labor, go with the flow of energy. Waves or contractions come and go. Listen carefully and be in tune with your physical senses. These will bring about instinctive child birth. Follow the lead of your body. Try to get into a comfortable position to make your labor move smoothly.

Our support is endless. We provide sufficient information on childbirth and we conduct series of discussions about your maternity plan at maternity classes and with midwife patient care.

This picture is delivery room.
This picture is delivery room.