Translation Fee

We recommend to have a translator at check up with midwife or counselor to understand the detail. If you are not available to prepare a translator, sometimes we use telephone translation service. We can introduce for you some translators. If you are interested please contact us.

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Translation Fee

1 visit up to 2 hour$40
After 2 hour, every 30 min (up to 30 min)$10
Maternity class$40
Birth plan translation$20
During delivery (Up to 16hours)$400
After 16hours, One day (Up to 8hours) $200

We are sorry but we do not handle payment in dollars. When you pay to the clinic, payment with cards is possible if it is over 10,000 yen. Also, when you make payment to an interpreter, please consult the interpreter directly if you can pay by dollars or yen.

Clients MUST
  • know that while translators are at Yui, every minutes count as their service.
  • know that if you happened to have midwife who can speak English for consultation, you will still have to pay for translation service.
  • pay with cash the day of your appointment.
  • know that having two clients for maternity classes will be charged $40 each.

You DO NOT have to have a translator when you do not have midwife consultation or the meeting with the counselor. Please check if you have midwife consolations or the counseling when you get next appointment.