Please make an appointment for the vaccination. It is possible to have a vaccination within the clinic hours. If you need to consult about the schedule of having a vaccination, you need to make an appointment with the pediatrician.

Also, BCG vaccination is given by Pediatrician only.


  • Pediatrician : Monday (A.M. and P.M), Wednesday (A.M. and P.M.), Friday (A.M. and P.M.)
  • OB-GYN : (table)


Available vaccination in the clinic

PeriodPediatric pneumococcal infection (13-valent) (inactivated vaccine) / Influenza B (Hib) (inactivated vaccine)

Regular (recommended) schedule: Starting after 2 months of birth 3 times of vaccination up to 1 year old, one additional vaccine is needed after 1 year old (Times of vaccination may change when it started)

PeriodDPT+Polio (inactivated vaccine)

Regular (recommended) schedule: Starting after 3 months of birth 3 times of vaccination up to 1 year old, one additional vaccine is needed after 1 year old

PeriodBCG (live vaccine)

Regular (recommended) schedule: Starting after 5-8 months of birth
*Pediatrician only

OptionRotavirus (1 and 5 valent)(inactivated vaccine)

Regular (recommended) schedule: Possible of vaccination is after 6 weeks of birth
1 valent vaccine : 2 times until 24 weeks
5 valent vaccine : 3 times until 32 weeks

OptionHepatitis B (inactivated vaccine)

Regular (recommended) schedule: 3 times in any ages

PeriodMR (Measles-rubella) (live vaccine)

Regular (recommended) schedule:
1st term : one year old
2nd term : during 6 years old, before enter the elementary school

OptionMumps (live vaccine) / Varicella (chikenpox) (live vaccine)

Regular (recommended) schedule: It may be own expense depend on your public assistance from the cities, towns and villages.

PeriodJapanese encephalitis (inactivated vaccine)

Regular (recommended) schedule: Starting from 3 years old

PeriodHuman Papillomavirus Infection (2 and 4 valent) (inactivated vaccine)

Regular (recommended) schedule: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is stopping recommendation

OptionSeasonal influenza (inactivated vaccine)

Regular (recommended) schedule: Only for winter term
* Our clinic selects thimerosal free vaccine.

You may have vaccination except above schedule. Please feel free to ask about vaccination schedule. Also, if you wish to have other vaccine, we will help you as much as possible (need reservation).

Type of Vaccination and interval

  1. BCG, rotavirus, MR(Measles-rubella), measles, rubella, varicella(chickenpox)
  2. An interval of at least 27 days should be taken
  3. Live vaccine / Inactivated vaccine
  1. Pediatric pneumococcal infection, Hib infection, DPT-IPV+ Polio, Hepatitis B, Japanese encephalitis, DT, Uterine cervix cancer vaccine, Seasonal influenza
  2. An interval of at least 6 days should be taken.
  3. Live vaccine / Inactivated vaccine

Vaccination for Adults

We also offer vaccinations for adults (reservation necessary). All our clinics are available to offer the vaccinations such as Measles, Rubella, Influenza. The vaccine without the public assistance from the cities, towns and villages means that all expenses will be covered by you. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask our staff.