About YUI Clinic

1Homey Atmosphere

We designed our facilities to provide a home-like environment, giving you a relaxing atmosphere as if visiting a close friend.

2Well-supported Childbirth

Supporting the mother during delivery, both physically and mentally, is our top priority. We try to fulfill every request that the mother needs and are close to the mother during the delivery.

3Rooming–in System

Having your baby stay in your room with you at all times means both of you can relax. This is also key to successful breast-feeding.


We provide meals with Okinawan and seasonal ingredients, keeping mothers healthy while providing healthy breastfeeding for babies.



We hold a yoga class for pregnant women, a baby massage class. YUI meetings for mothers and babies, and various classes in the sunroom. This provides a place where pregnant women and postpartum mothers can get together.

6Breast-feeding Support

Our specially trained midwives and nurses will help you learn how to breast-feed your baby. Our staff is ready to answer questions and give tips for successful breastfeeding.

7Gynecological Service

We do cancer screenings including pap smear test, breast cancer screening, and breast ultrasound examination. We treat dysmenorrhea, abnormality of menstruation, menopausal disorder and contraception. The female doctor corresponds to various women’s specific problems.

8Pediatric Services

We perform infant health examinations and vaccinations.

8Alternative Medicine, Smoking Cessation

We support women during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause using Chinese (herbal) medicine, homeopathy and dietary cures. We also support smoking cessation.