Meals provided at Yui Clinic

At Yui Clinic, the importance of food is given to everyone who comes to the clinic. You are what you eat. In order to stay healthy you must eat healthy foods. Whether we can be healthy or get sick is closely related to what we eat and live. Also, it is very important not to eat something bad for the body.
Yui Clinic staffs study about food that is good for the body, and proposes recipes and menus for delicious and good food. The contents of the meal will change little by little with future research.

Meals for mother and baby

What kind of food are eaten by a pregnant mother is very important. In order for your baby to grow healthy, it is important to improve the intestinal environment of the pregnant woman. There are also reports that the mother who took DHA during pregnancy and the mother who did not take it are different in the baby born IQ. In addition, there is also a report that the risk of having a child with autism or developmental disorder increases if the intestinal environment of the pregnant woman is bad. Not only during pregnancy but also for children to grow in good health, I hope that pregnant women learn about food education through pregnancy and childbirth.

Yui Clinic’s Commitment

For the health of the mind and body, we are also concerned with healthy ingredients and the origin and method of preparation of the ingredients.

  • Do not use food additives as much as possible
  • Prioritize and use domestic production
  • Handmade as much as possible (miso, natto, sweet sake, rice bran, dressing, pickled plum, mirin, mayonnaise, etc.)
  • Do not use sugar or other unhealthy artificial sweeteners (substitute sweetness with honey, sweet sake, oligosaccharides, etc., and seasoning with less sweetness so as not to use too much sweetener)
  • Wheat and dairy products not used (gluten free, casein free)
  • Brown rice
  • Raw vegetables and fruits (incorporate raw food)
  • No fried food
  • Use of trans fatty acid free oil
  • Use healthy oil for dressing

We have prepared a celebratory meal for the mother who finished the birth which is hard task.

Food (photograph) in Yui Clinicl is here
We want to meet the needs of each person as much as possible. You can also consult us on allergies, diets, religious food restrictions, vegetarians, vegans and more.