Pickled Seasonal Vegetables Recipe

Pickled Seasonal Vegetables Recipe


600g(1.5lb) of vegetables, 10g(2-teaspoon) of salt, Vinegar solution (combine the following ingredients)

50-100g(0.1-0.2lb) of vinegar, 25-50(2-4 tablespoon)g of honey or oligosaccharide

How to make:

Cut the vegetables of your choice and pickle them in salt. (about 1 hour or more)

Squeeze them hard as the water comes out.

Dip them in the vinegar solution (you can eat them in 3-4 hours).

※Soak for one day to make it even more delicious.

※Can be stored in the refrigerator for 3 to 5 days.

Examples of vegetables:

radish, red turnip, cabbage, carrot, onion, bitter melon, celery, winter melon, cucumber, beetroot, etc. Peppers, capsicums, green beans, green papaya, etc.

Use a vegetable cleaner.

Wash fruit and vegetables carefully with environmental friendly vegetable cleaner that is harmless and has a cleaning effect to remove any residual pesticides.
At Yui Clinic, we use Shell Clean (50g), a food cleaner from a store called [Good Child Care].
It is sold at the reception desk at Yui Clinic, but you can also buy it online.