Recommendation for taking raw vegetables and fresh fruit

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Raw vegetables and fruit are full of antioxidants!

Raw vegetables and fruit contain antioxidants that help the immune system fight disease.

Raw vegetables and fruit  contain water-soluble dietary fiber and many phytonutrients.

Water-soluble dietary fiber and many phytonutrients help the ability to digest food and the hormonal system to function efficiently.

Fruit only meal for breakfast

Eating at least 1 meal each day that consists of fruits only and including half a cup of nuts or seeds.

Fruits are recommended to be eaten when the stomach is empty.

Fruits are better eaten for breakfast.

You can get good nutrition from fruits.

If you eat fruits with other foods, digestive enzymes may not work well and you may not get enough nutrition.

The power of raw food

Raw unheated food forms a very alkaline substance in the body.

The more raw food you eat, the sharper your brain becomes and the more efficiently it converts fuel into energy. As a result, the energy output is high and it is easy to lose weight if you are overweight.

Eat raw vegetables and fruits at the beginning of your meal.

Eating raw vegetables and fruits before meals can help you feel full to some extent, which naturally helps prevent overeating.

Pickled Seasonal Vegetables Recipe

Ingredients; 600g(1.5lb) of vegetables, 10g(2-teaspoon) of salt, Vinegar solution (combine the following ingredients)

50-100g(0.1-0.2lb) of vinegar, 25-50(2-4 tablespoon)g of honey or oligosaccharide

How to make:

Cut the vegetables of your choice and pickle them in salt. (about 1 hour or more)

Squeeze them hard as the water comes out.

Dip them in the vinegar solution (you can eat them in 3-4 hours).

※Soak for one day to make it even more delicious.

※Can be stored in the refrigerator for 3 to 5 days.

Examples of vegetables: radish, red turnip, cabbage, carrot, onion, bitter melon, celery, winter melon, cucumber, beetroot, etc. Peppers, capsicums, green beans, green papaya, etc.

Avoid imported fruits as much as possible.

Imported fruits may use pesticides directly on the fruits harvested and during the transfer.
Antifungal agents are carcinogens and are bad for your health.
If possible, domestic pesticide-free fruits and vegetables are good, but you can get them mainly at farmers markets. Domestic fruits and vegetables are safer than imported, even if they are sprayed with pesticides.

JAS mark

Choose products with the organic JAS mark.
This mark is attached to agricultural products and processed products that do not use chemically produced fertilizers or pesticides.

Raw fruit and vegetables are recommended

Eating raw fruit for breakfast and raw vegetables before lunch and supper.
Eat raw fruits 30 minutes before breakfast for better effect on the body.
It is better to eat fruit 8 hours after other foods, meat or carbohydrates.
You can eat raw vegetables and fresh fruits together.
Raw vegetables don’t affect the digestion of fruits.

Eat fish rather than meat

Eat animal protein not frequently.
Fish is recommended to meat.
You can also get protein from nuts, fruit, vegetables, grains and legumes.
Eat more raw vegetables.

Sugar is poison.

Snack on fresh fruit and/or vegetables before   snacking on candy, chocolates or fried junk foods.
Sugar is poison.
I recommend to avoid sugar.

Separate carbohydrates and animal proteins

Nutrients can be digested more efficiently when carbohydrates and animal proteins are not consumed together in a meal.
In other words, choose either carbohydrates/starch or protein and eat them with fresh raw vegetables.

Eating either carbohydrates or animal proteins in a meal is not very easy, but do try to be aware of how you combine meals. Knowledge is the beginning of making a change.

Use a vegetable cleaner.

Wash fruit and vegetables carefully with environmental friendly vegetable cleaner that is harmless and has a cleaning effect to remove any residual pesticides.
At Yui Clinic, we use Shell Clean (50g), a food cleaner from a store called [Good Child Care].
It is sold at the reception desk at Yui Clinic, but you can also buy it online.

Avoid taking wheat, sugar, dairy products and food additives (processed products).

I always recommend avoiding wheat, sugar, dairy products and food additives (processed products) as much as possible.
Many people find it impossible to make all these changes at once.
Why not start by eating raw vegetables and fruit for breakfast and then eating raw vegetables at the beginning of each meal?