Good luck to all the mamas out there, you are amazing!2018.6.26   

2018.6.26                        1:08AM                            Female 3472g

I am so appreciative of everything that Yui Clinic has done for me. I am so grateful for the opportunity to give birth in Japan here at Yui Clinic. I was a little nervous about having a natural birth after the way that my first labor and birth went. Labor hurts! If I was in the hospital I would have given up and begged for drugs, overall I am so glad I had a natural birth, and that it was here. With my first born I tried to do all natural, but gave up in the hospital after 12 hours. The hospital I delivered my first baby at in California was part of the baby friendly hospital initiative. That means they use the rooming in technique, and midwives deliver the baby as long as there were no complications, and they try their best to help prevent tearing and not do an episiotomy, etc. Even with a hospital that is considered baby friendly, it was still a completely different experience than a truly baby friendly birthing clinic like Yui.

The care and attention that Yui staff provided was absolutely phenomenal. I felt safe and cared for. The setting was small and intimate and beautiful, and I have seen all the midwives before, and saw many of them after the birth as well. I didn’t feel like just another number in the hospital. I was not pressured to do things differently or to take medication, instead I was cared for immediately and attentively. At the hospital they never would have been so “hands on” – so helpful.

My pregnancy lasted a shocking 39 weeks; I had my first at 36 weeks. My labor began the same way as my first- with water breaking at night before bed. This time around however, the labor progressed very quickly, with the entire labor lasting about 4.5 hours. My water broke at 8:45PM and my son was born at 1:08AM.

We thought that I would have a while before the baby would be born. My contractions were about 5 minutes apart, but quickly became stronger and closer together – I seem to have contractions that last a little longer than usual. Everything that happened became a blur. My midwife Masumi San and my translator/doula Lynn massaged me, pressed on my rear end, put a cool towel on my forehead. I transitioned from lying on my side and keep breathing to leaning on a birth ball that sat between my husband’s legs. After a bit I was ready to start pushing. The ball was removed and I clung to my husband screaming, crying and pushing. The midwives and Dr. Fumi coached me to say “haaaaa” to keep breathing. I pushed for 20 minutes and my beautiful son was born. I had a minimal tear that did not require stitches, everything else was routine.

Everything about Yui Clinic has been phenomenal, my recovery time has been a pleasant experience, the midwives are so attentive and caring, the food is amazing – I feel like I am on a detox here!

Good luck to all the mamas out there, you are amazing – out bodies are amazing to create and birth these little miracles!! And thank you again to all the staff at Yui!!