Yui Clinic is such a special place

I started having mild contractions in the middle of the night. I was 41 weeks + 4 days and very ready to have this baby. The contractions eased up and I went back to sleep encouraged that labor would start soon. In the morning, I continued to have light contractions until I nursed my daughter. They grew strong and close together. We decided to go to the clinic to get checked. By then, things slowed down and I knew it could be a little while. That afternoon, we walked and tried different exercises to help labor progress. That evening, I nursed my daughter again and contractions really picked up. We got to the clinic around 8 PM. I napped for an hour because contractions had slowed down again. When I got up from the nap, it was active labor had begun. My husband, doula, translator and midwife were all so supportive as I labored in different positions. Around 1 AM my water broke. After that the birth progressed very quickly. Our daughter was born at 01:15. It was a hard birth, especially, the last 30 minutes but it was worth it. Hard does not mean bad, in fact, some of the best things in life come at a hard price.

Thank you Dr. Fumi, midwives, nurses, cooks and housekeepers for supporting me and my family during this time! Yui Clinic is such a special place and we are so thankful we could bring our daughter into the world here!