I am honored to have had my husband.2017.02.17

This was my second birth at Yui Clinic. My first was in January 2015. I love this clinic for having a wonderful & unique experience that I wouldn’t be able to easily have in the USA. Thank you!

I had contractions starting Sunday 12 Feb… It took 5 days for those contractions to become active labor! My husband & I arrived about an hour after I noticed the stronger contractions. Within 3 hours, our son was born! It was very fast, very INTENSE labor and I loved the women who were there with me to make it go smoothly. Laura is an amazing doula & asset to birthing naturally. Fumi San has now attended both of my son’s births! Dr. Fumi is passionate, intelligent, and extremely gifted.

I am honored to have had my husband, as my emotional, mental, & physical support for 2 gorgeous boys. He is my rock.

Thank you, Yui staff, for making our family happy & healthy! We’ll miss Okinawa dearly, but part of our hearts stay here at Yui.