The birth impression about emergency C-section

I started having pre-labor contractions at 0500 on Friday morning. Thankfully, I already had a doctor’s appointment scheduled that day at 10:30 AM. Dr. Fumi checked me and gave me the option to stay or go home and continue preparing for labor which would come within the next two days. I opted to go home. I labored at home for 48+ hours. My mucus plug came out on Saturday evening and my water broke early Sunday morning around 02:00 AM. I had my translator call to inform Yui and they told us to come in. Once we arrived, my contractions were still consistently coming, and they were long and strong! The midwife who met us at the door was patient, calm, and kind. She helped me stay relaxed and breathe through each surge. Once we made it upstairs, I was placed on a monitor for about an hour. Since I had been unable to rest or eat for over 2 days and I was only 4cm dilated, I opted to get the shot to take the edge off of my contractions. I knew I need energy to make it through to the finish line. After getting the shot, I was hooked onto the monitor again. It was then when Dr. Fumi realized the baby’s heartrate was dropping. She quickly informed us of our choices and her recommendations for an emergency cesarean section. We quickly decided to have the procedure done here at Yui. The room was calm and the procedure was gentle. The baby was immediately placed on my chest after he was born. My husband and doula were in the room with me. I felt safe, and secure. I also felt honored. At 09:28, our baby boy was born.

Thank you Dr. Fumi and the midwives for supporting us and delivering our healthy baby. We couldn’t be happier with our experience!

Peace & Love <3