I have received so much breastfeeding support and knowledge.

The whole experience at Yui Clinic was relaxing and educational. When I first became pregnant I was scared mostly of the giving birth part of becoming a mother. I was also very uneducated about options for giving birth and what actually can happen. I chose Yui Clinic because two mothers I know had their babies at Yui and I could see the joy on their face as they shared their experience. I also chose Yui because I didn’t like the idea of drugs and my new baby and I also wanted my husband to be a major part of the birth.

Yui exceeded everything I could imagine. Dr. Fumi and the midwives and staff have created a special place that made me feel empowered about my birth and becoming a mother.

My water broke at home and I came into Yui for what turned into over 30 hours of labor. It was the hardest experience of my life but being at Yui made me feel connected to my baby girl the whole time. The midwives made me feel strong and capable to bring Barbara into this world. They let my husband be by my side to greet his little girl into the world too 😊

While staying at Yui I have received so much breastfeeding support and knowledge. I really can’t imagine having my baby anywhere else!

Thank you and I will remember all the wonderful ladies here that have helped me become a mother.