It was a long 4 days labor.

Birth of my 1st child (gir)

It was a long 4 days labor, my baby was in a posterior position, which is not good, so she was taking very long to engage. Doctor Fumi said that the birth could end up in a C-section. I was scared because I really wanted to have a natural birth. My doula Amanda suggested me a lot of poses to help turn baby’s position, my husband was supporting me the whole time and every time I needed, midwife was there to help me.

I felt baby engaging and was not afraid anymore, I knew baby was coming. Everybody was really surprised because minutes before doctor said baby was still high and then suddenly I was pushing and felt baby’s head, I touched her and it was an amazing feeling. It gave me more power to continue. When baby came out, she came directly to my chest, I felt her body warm and so soft. I can’t describe how happy I was.

I really appreciate all love and care from Yui staffs and midwife.