We were very happy with the ambiance and care.

2017/02/25   3218 grams   52 cm  18:17 arrival

Quentin was 6 days late. Elyse was uncomfortable the previous night, but nothing happened until 13:15 on the 25th when she got her first bloody show. She sat in the tub at house and was not getting regular contractions. Around 16:00 we called the doula and 20 minutes later asked her to come over. Elyse’s contractions stabilized around 17:00 at 3 minutes apart and we left for the clinic 20 minutes later. Due to traffic we didn’t arrive until around 18:00. The staff got Elyse into the room immediately and we started feeling like she had to push. The staff was great getting the room prepared and Elyse ready. About 20 minutes later we arrived. We were very happy with the ambiance and care the staff of Yui provided.