Coffee Enema


In order to be healthy and youthful, it is harmful to store waste in the intestines. “Coffee Enteral Wash (Coffee Enema)” is one of the ways to easily remove waste products at home. Coffee Enema is one of the “Gerson Therapy” that began about 80 years ago by a doctor named Max Gerson. Gerson had been suffering from migraine headaches for many years, and it was the impetus for this therapy to have been remedied with fresh vegetable and fruit juices that could not be cured with Western medicine. Gerson Therapy is a proprietary diet and coffee enema-based therapy that focuses on restoring the function of the intestine, liver and thoroughly detoxifying the body.

How Coffee Enema works

Coffee Enema is not a medicine, but is a method of injecting diluted coffee liquid into the intestine. It is effective in detoxifying the body and improving liver function without damaging the intestinal mucosa. Coffee used for coffee enema contains lactic acid and oligosaccharides which are highly effective in improving the intestinal environment. When stool stay in the large intestine for a long time (more than 24 hours), the environment in the intestines gets worse and bacteria that are harmful such as Welsh bacteria, Clostridium, and E. coli increase. These bacteria use the undigested food in the intestine to produce harmful substances.Harmful substances irritate and destroy the intestinal mucosa, causing polyps and sometimes cancer. Harmful substances are also transported into the body through the bloodstream resulting in illness. By storing waste products and toxins such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia in the intestine, harmful substances and active oxygen will be generated.

Benefits of Coffee Enema

In order to avoid the generating such harmful substances, it is ideal to get rid of waste substances in the body from what you eat within 12 to 24 hours. Coffee Enema reduces the amount of time the stools stay in the large intestine and reduces harmful substances without the growth of harmful bacteria. Coffee contains many chemicals including stimulants such as caffeine when it is taken orally. These chemicals adversely affect intestinal bacteria that inhabit the small intestine so it is better not to drink too much. However when injected into the large intestine, it kills the unwanted bacteria in the intestine and tidy up the intestinal environment. Coffee Enema shortens the passage time of stool the large intestine and improves the intestinal environment. Although there maybe individual difference, when it is continued for about six months the function of the intestine is restored and the natural ability to defecate is restored. The pigmentation of the intestine which has been caused through the use of laxatives will also disappear. It can reduce the load of liver detoxification, improve metabolism, and reduce obesity. Toxic substances and waste products in intestines cause poor blood and lymph flow leading to various disorders such as chronic shoulder stiffness, headache, menstrual disorders, chills, skin problems, fatigue. When coffee enema quickly drains feces containing toxic substances and waste products. the blood is cleaned and the flow of lymph fluid becomes smooth.

Pure blood and lymph flow will allow adequate nutrition and oxygen to reach every part of the body, thus improving the function of the whole body. When you start Coffee Enema, there are many people that their unexplained problems can be improved and their skin texture has been also improved. Because metabolism is also improved, people who are overweight and have low metabolism tend to be slim after using coffee enema. On the other hand, people who are weak and those with problems in the gastrointestinal tract are likely to gain weight in many cases. However, it is inaccurate to think of Coffee Enema as a mere diet method. Please understand that it becomes a body that is hard to gain weight as metabolism improves and more energy is used up to now. Although there are individual differences, you realize that the function of the large intestine has been revived, the intestinal motility has improved, and that many people have improved their physical condition while using the coffee enema.

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