Placenta Therapy

What is placenta

The placenta is a special organ created during pregnancy. It is due to the action of the placenta that very small fertilized eggs can grow to babies weighing 3,000g in about 10 months.The placenta is an important organ that plays a role in maintaining the life of the baby in the tummy.The placenta is a collection of blood vessels. Gas exchange and nutrient transport are performed through the villus in the placenta.
The placenta also performs the following functions:

  • Supply nutrition to the baby in the uterus.
  • Drains waste from baby.
  • Supply oxygen to the baby in the uterus and discharge carbon dioxide (gas exchange)
  • Prevents rejection of the baby in the uterus
  • Secretes hormones to continue pregnancy

Placenta Therapy

Human placenta is extracted after birth.
Placenta therapy uses refined human placenta.
Placenta contains abundant nutrients essential for fetal growth and ingredients that activate somatic cells.
Injection of placenta is said to increase the natural healing power.
We use placenta injections  (Laennec, Melsmon) derived from humans that are approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as medical medicine.
In Yui Clinic, placenta tissue therapy and injection treatment are performed, and Oral placenta capsule are sold.
Yui Clinic original placenta therapy uses placenta tissues from healthy mothers with no infection. High-pressure steam sterilization is implemented during the manufacturing process. Bacterial culture tests are performed on the tissue material at the final stage of production and only  tissue agents and injections that do not cause infection are used. Placenta preparations used in this clinic are refined under the supervision of the director.

Initial hepatitis test: 3000 yen (we use placenta tissues from healthy mothers with no infectious disease. However, hepatitis testing is performed before the first treatment for confirmation.)

Placenta suspension injection : 1A ¥ 1,200 (reservation required) Injection into the upper arm, buttocks and abdomen subcutaneously.

Placenta tissue therapy:  1A 10,000 yen (reservation required)

Placenta capsule  (for 2 weeks): 3,600 yen (reservation required)

Placenta tissue therapy

Placenta tissue therapy is a method of implanting placenta tissue in the body. Placenta therapy using placenta for treatment includes injections and supplements, and is one such placenta therapy. This treatment method has the following effects: mental stability ,nourishing tonic by “placenta” , stimulating the cells of the whole body by “tissue therapy” to enhance the biological response, and adjust the autonomic nerve and immune balance. Therefore, it is effective for treating a wide range of diseases.

Yui clinic uses concentrated placenta tissue preparation without any chemicals added. In tissue therapy, the placenta stays in the body longer than injections or oral use, and the placenta tissue therapy is more effective.

The treatment is performed by injecting the placenta tissue using an injection device without making an incision on the skin, so there is little burden on the body and no scars remain. It is administered subcutaneously in the buttocks or abdomen.

The first two tissue therapies are recommended 2 weeks apart. The tissue therapy is effective for 3-4 weeks but depending on individual differences.

Active ingredients in placenta:

Amino acids, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, nucleic acids, etc.

General effects of placenta therapy

1. Skin beautification: whitening, increase in tension of skin, improved moisture, reduction of wrinkles, etc.

2. Anti-fatigue action: Fatigue recovery such as chronic fatigue

3. Autonomic adjustment: Autonomic system improvement to reduce insomnia, anxiety, depression and recovery from autonomic ataxia.

4. Endocrine regulating action: Menopause disorder (hot flash/ irritability), improvement of menstrual irregularities

5. Immunostimulatory effect: Increases immunity and reduces risk of colds and flu

6. Anti-inflammatory effect: improvement of atopic dermatitis, acne, hay fever, gingivitis, etc.

7. Removal of excessive active oxygen : anti-aging, etc.

8. Blood circulation promotion / hematopoietic action: Improvement of coldness, headache, stiff shoulders, back pain, etc.

9. Strengthens and detoxifies liver. Strong liver: Improvement of liver function

Placenta treatment is an injectable medicine or supplement made mainly from an extract from the placenta that controls the growth of the baby in the mother’s body.
The placenta which is the main component, is a substance that synthesizes and secretes a lot of hepatocyte growth factor (HGF cells) that promotes cell differentiation and proliferation. The placenta contains a large number of physiologically active substances, including the three major nutrients of protein, fat, and sugar, more than a dozen amino acids, various vitamins and minerals, and more than 100 enzymes.

Recommended dosage and usage

For insurance practice, follow the package insert. Usually, 1A (ampule) is injected subcutaneously (injection just under the skin) twice a week. 3 times a week if the symptoms are severe.

In the case of free medical care, the dose is appropriately adjusted in the range of 1A to 10A depending on the symptoms, and is injected subcutaneously into the general upper arm, buttocks, abdomen and the like.

How to make injections to increase effectiveness

For earlier results, the frequency of treatments can be increased during first three months.