We welcomed a beautiful girl into the world. 2017.9.3 (Sun) 

Birth impression

2017.9.3 (Sun)       12:10 am               2470 grams

My first baby delivery. My husband was coming home from work after midnight on Sept. 2nd. I had my bloody show at around 11 PM Sept. 1st. I had some irregular contractions until 12-1 AM. We went to Yui Clinic. They told me I could go home or stay because I was having regular contractions about 2.50 minutes apart. The doctor said you could go come back at 5 PM the next day. We chose to stay. The contractions were very strong and went on for another 23 hours after we arrived that morning.

It was hard to tell what was going on, but the pain wore me down and I had not dilated at all. I was so thankful to Dr. Fumi for all the tests and pain killers.

My water broke around 6 PM on Sept. 2nd. I was surprised that I still had water. I thought I had lost it with a bloody show.

The contractions were much harder from then on with no dilation. One by one more mid-wives came in to cheer me on and support me. My husband held my hands over the ball I straddled. Every time I worried they re-assured me it was all going well. I received an aromatic oil massage and the women all talked to me. The midwives knew where to touch me and moved my hips when I couldn’t. The baby started to crown around 11:30 PM and was born at 12:10 AM Sept. 3rd (two days after the first stage – 26 hours of contractions). We welcomed a beautiful girl into the world and the midwives and doctors were very positive and encouraging. They were an amazing team that helped me all the way. Thank you so much Yui Clinic!


One-year-old birthday photos