The two births at Yui Clinic. 19th Aug 2017 and 6th Nov 2019   

The first birth

2017.08.19                       AM 02:18                          child GIRL   2688 grams

I’m Italian but I’ll do my best to write about how I’m feeling about using the English language.

My first thought was “Wow!” Being a woman is such an amazing gift from the sky! I’m so proud to be a woman! I never realize this until my little angel was born.

I spent almost 6 to 7 years when I was in Italy without feeling like a woman. My period never came! My doctor many times says to me, “You need a cure of hormone (and other stuff). We try to get your period. You can’t have a child… blah blah blah. I never listen to her! Never take medicine. Just keep going like nature wants!

Then one day, 2 years ago I met a wonderful man. The right man and voila universe saw this and my period came. Super regular.

Last November, I get pregnant. Surprise! Tongue out to my Italian doctor!

I decided to come here to Yui Clinic for the first check and was the best choice I could take. Once arrived, I felt home, a safety place full of smiling lovely staff. A magic wood place inside the concrete jungle. I loved it.

So I start my adventure. Our adventure here all together.

9 wonderful months! Super genki! Super lucky!

The delivery date was on the 11th but no signs. On 16th, I started to feel something different. Little pain on my lower belly. On the 17th night, a bit of water started to come out. So, we called the clinic. But no worries. At 11 o’clock in the morning of the 18th, we came here and took the room. Super comfortable!

After a supper oishi dinner, (Thanks to magic women in the kitchen that every day they cook so divine food), around 7 o’clock the contractions arrived. Wow! Until that time my first worry was “I’ll understand when baby comes or not?” The answer was yes! You’ll understand it perfectly!

Every 3 or every 2 or sometimes every 5 minutes the big wave was with me. Finally, contractions are like a superwave. You can feel she is coming and soon she’ll hit you and you can’t do anything just enjoy it and breathe. Deep breath and wait then she goes away.

My safety place was the little wood near the bathroom door. I spend 6 hours hanging there with the “piyo triangle pillow” (holy pillow) between my head and the wall.

Around 1 0’clock we move in the official room. After 30 minutes something happened. We lost akachan’s heartbeat. Something wrong was happening. I didn’t realize so much because I was having full of pain due to contractions. They put an oxygen mask on my face and they call Fumi Sensei. Maybe, umbilical cord blocks the baby. After few minutes the heartbeat comes again, my breath also. But more contraction comes also. Fumi sensei check me. I was only 3 to 4 cm open (Whaaat?) I was shocked. After all the pain, I was only 4 cm open? Please universe help me! I did my best. I was in 4 legs position. I was screaming like crazy. I pushed as much as I can. It was around 2 o’clock. I was screaming and pushing with my awesome husband next to me making me feel safe and giving me a superpower. Many times I said “Dekenai” and he was there saying “Giulia! Dekiku! Ganbate!”

All water comes outside and my husband repeated saying “Giulia, akachan no atama mieru! Ganbate! Just a little bit more! Soon she will be with us.” I listen to these words and they let me saw the lights at the end of the tunnel! I pushed with all my cosmic power feeling the most powerful pain (I never imagined it can exist!). And at 2:18 minutes my little angel was in my hands. I can’t explain the feeling to switch from the worst pain to the most high level of love!

Life is magic. To have this kind of opportunity is a gift. Bringing a new life in this world is something holy. Women are a kind of God! We are sp powerful! Our body is something special! I’m so thankful to be a woman! And to be a mother!

Today is the 23rd and we are ready to go home. These days were so busy days. My baby lost weight from 2688 grams after she was born to 2440 grams today. Also, the blood sugar was getting low every day so I was a bit worried about this. I did my best to feed her a lot and slowly she is gaining weight. Hurray! So today the new real mom’s life is starting!

Thanks to everyone here in the clinic. Everyone working here is a special person. They help every family to be happy. They help to bring love and new lives in this world! Everyone is amazing. They help me so much, physically, mentally, energetically. I learned many things and I will learn many things more.

Special thanks to Fumi Sensei. She is great; a great woman, a great doctor, and a great soul!

I cannot find a better place to have my child! As I said I’m Italian. I am far away from my family, my mother, and my sister. But being here, I feel a family around me. Professional people full of love!

Thanks to my awesome husband that allowed me to be a woman and a mother! He is amazing. I am so lucky.

I wish an amazing delivery to everyone. Believe in yourself! Believe in the universe! Believe in magic! Love is powerful!

The second birth

6th Nov 2019                    2952 g of pure love

Here I’m….in this beautiful room looking at my little angel! She born yesterday afternoon (6 Nov) at 4:23 PM, only 23 minutes after we arrived at Yui! Incredible timing.

She is my second child. The first one also born here and it was an amazing experience. Now she is 2 years old. So we choose again Yui Clinic. And I can confirm that always is a perfect choice.

Here you can feel love…sweet professional midwives always ready to help you. I feel safe, I feel home…

Nine months are gone so fast…Fumi Sensei is amazing! She is powerful and professional. Great woman! The delivery date was supposed to be on 3 Nov…but that day no one was thinking to born.

On 5 Nov afternoon start my contractions…every 10 minutes for 1 hour and then stop 30-40 minutes…then again start for 30 minutes and then stop…

All night the same at home enjoying that moment…thinking “Ok we have to go at Yui…Ok wait it is not time to go…and so on! Was really funny!

In the morning wake up perfect! No contractions but before lunchtime start again. So I understand that the little angel finally chooses the day to born. During lunch no contractions but after lunch starts again. Every 5 minutes for 1 hour and then stop 30 minutes. Same before…So we wait. We were ready to come here any time but we preferred to stay at home as long as possible to don’t give stress to the other daughter…I mean at home she can enjoy the time peacefully. So we just wait… but after 3 o’clock my contractions become super strong and I was feeling my cervix start to be dilated… my home is around 40 minutes from here… 40 minutes of pure pain!!

Finally, we arrive around 4 o’clock… The midwife was waiting for us… ready in the delivery room… Full of pain but more conscious than my first experience. I start to push only when a contraction comes. Following this magic rhythm… Breathing… and trusting the magic universe! My daughter was there with my husband supporting me. My midwife was amazing… helping me with the right words and right movement! Super professional. I’m so thankful. My husband says that when the head comes outside midwife realize soon that the umbilical cord stocks…and with a super-fast movement lets the head free and the baby born! Only 25 minutes in the delivery room! Record! Happiness love love love!

I’m so thankful to everyone here! I’m so thankful to be a woman. I’m so thankful to be a mother!

Life is magic! Love is the answer to everything! Thanks

For Haruko,

I just want to say super arigato to you!! Become mother is a gift from the sky…but…find you on top of the stairs waiting for me for the delivery was also a gift from the sky!!

You really help me!

Your professionalism, your strength, your power…were with me all the time. I was feeling super safe with you!

You made more special a super special moment!

You are a superwoman with a big heart

Really really super thanks

Thanks also to the women in the kitchen for the amazing food. They cook and lovely smiles.