Chewable vitamin C

Easy supplementation of vitamin C anywhere without water

For snacking, smoking cessation, and a good replacement when you are craving for something.

5 tablets contain 1000mg of vitamin C.

Uses Xylitol that does not feed dental caries bacteria.

The tablets have grapefruit juice flavor.

These chewable tablets are good for small children and anyone who is not comfortable with taking tablets and capsules.

Amount of ingredients  per 5 tablets:

Vitamin C 1000mg

xylitol 1400mg

Suggested Usage:

Chew 5 tablets a day: or let them melt in your mouth to enjoy the taste.


Do not return the tablets in the pack when you touch them with wet hands as moisture may cause discoloration. Tighten the seal of the package after use.


2200yen  you can buy at the reception.