Recipe for vegetarian soymilk mayonnaise


Ingredients:  Soymilk150g, Vegetable oil or Udo’s oil  200g, Vinegar 18g, Salt12g, Honey10

How to make: Put all ingredients in the mixer. Stir the ingredients and let them mix together, and you’re done!

When finished, transfer to a storage container and put it in the refrigerator and use up within 2 weeks.

You can use vegetable dip, seasoning, dressing, etc.

You can use it for various dishes by changing the type of vinegar and adjusting the amount of salt and honey to your liking.

If you use agave syrup instead of honey, you have a vegan mayonnaise. Please adjust the material and quantity to your liking.

On the Yui Clinic website, you can find various recipes using soymilk mayonnaise.