Is water birth an option at the birth center or is this only available through homebirth midwives?

The only option for a water birth is through our homebirth midwives.  Our clinic does not have enough room.  We are working to build a new clinic with larger birth rooms where this is an option, but it will not be finished for several years. 

 Is there a higher fee for water births vs non-water births?

We don’t have enough space for the pool for water births and water birth we don’t set the fee of water birth. If the patient wants to give water birth, they need to give birth at home.

How do I arrange to do a home birth?  

You may inquire through Yui clinic and we will assist with connecting you with a local midwife if you are a good candidate and there is availability in their schedules. 

Can individuals who are not planning to deliver at Yui come for the Gender ultrasounds? How much would the cost be? Is it best for them to contact a translator or email clinic?

Yes, We can perform ultrasounds for checking gender. The cost is about 9,000yen.  If they want to check 4D ultrasound, the extra cost is about 2,300yen.  Please make an appointment to do this from the clinic webpage.  No translator is needed for this appointment.  

I have that no breech births or VBACs are done at Yui is that correct?

We don’t treat TOLAC(trial of labor after C-section), but We treat breech birth.

Will Yui deliver babies who are breech or take VBAC clients?

Yui does not offer TOLAC(trial of labor after C-section). We must schedule c-sections.  We will deliver breech babies but will try inversion and other techniques first.  Clients will also need to realize the risks involved and determine their comfort level and know the risks involved. 

How is the c-section at Yui different (more baby-friendly) than those done at other clinics?

We do skin to skin contact between the mother and the newborn baby just after birth. If not under special circumstances, we allow family members to attend the birth and c-section.  We are also very encouraging of breastfeeding and help initiate this immediately after birth.  The client can also be assured the environment is designed for a calm, quiet, gentle birth.  More information on this can also be found in our C-section tab on the website.

Are dad/siblings allowed to be part of c-section births?

Yes, the family members can attend the c-section.

what are the important items you would like seen in the birth plans (I have # day staying at clinic, food requirements) anything else I should be telling clients to have?

We can discuss with the pregnant women what they want to do at birth. It is important to think before the birth what they want to do and what they don’t want to do. Maybe we can’t accept all of them, but it’s important to discuss them.