About the clinic and emergency Q&A

1. Do YUI Clinic rooms ever fill up to max capacity? What happens if yes?

If the room becomes full, we may temporarily use the labor room or delivery room, but this is temporary. If the other patient is discharged from the clinic, you can stay in the room.

2. In the event of an emergency cesarean, what is the plan for pain?  Is there an anesthesiologist?

Morphine and high-density marcaine are used for spinal anesthesia for Caesarean delivery. This anesthesia provides good pain control within hours after surgery. Then, if the patients have pain, administer an analgesic by infusion.

3. What are some emergency situations that have required hospital transfers in the past? What situations are you able to handle at the clinic?

We have little experience with maternal transport during labor. Previously, there was a long-standing labor pain, and there was a patient who was transferred to another hospital during labor pains, hoping for epidural anesthesia. At Yui Clinic, pain relievers are sometimes used for labor, but they are given as an intravenous drip. In addition, we will support for the birth as naturally as possible to support natural childbirth, so we plan to minimize medical intervention as much as possible. If there are any abnormalities in the childbirth process, medical intervention may be given after explanation. Until now, we experienced delivery to hospitals because of premature labor, premature rupture of the membrane, and an abnormality suspected of premature abruption of normally implanted placenta.