We loved the first few moments admiring her as she laid on my abdomen.

On my due date,January 7th I went to have acupuncture in the morning,and I attended yoga class here at yui that afternoon.I was having more frequent contractions as the day progressed,but they did not seem differentthan the warm up contractions I’d been having for weeks.While my husband and I sat eating a spicy Thai dinner at a favorite restaurant,I started having contractions every 15 minutes or so .Once we arrived home that evening they began getting stronger and I knew it was the beginning surges of labor.
I was sleeping but they were coming every 10minutes and I was not able to sleep.I got up around 2am in the morning and stand getting things ready,sitting down when a surge came.They were now coming every 5minutes so I woke my husband and daughter and told them it was time to head to yui.

We arrived at yui at 3:15am and were greeted by midwife and when she checked I was 5cm dilated. My daughter got settled in the family room to rest,and I got into the tub after the initial heart rate monitoring.The bath felt great,and I soaked in tub for around an hour.As the contractions surges became stronger I remembered my hypnobirthing traning and remained calm and taking deep breaths to breaths.The baby down.

I moved from tub and the birthing ball for a while,holding on to my husband,who was a great source of strength.When the surges became very intense I went onto my hands and knees for a while,then hugged the balance ball during surges.When I became tired I layed down on my side and could feel that it was time for the baby to come.(my water had broken while on hands and knees hugging the ball)

My husband was at my side,helping me through each surge and I worked on breathing baby down.Midwife said baby was getting ready and head was close.We had so much confidence in midwife and the staff and this helped me through out.Midfiwe’s kind heart and gentle ways gave me strength to get through the toughest parts. When I felt I could no longer do it,I remembered my hypnobirthing book. Which said when yui feel you can’t go on it means your body is hear..

I used deep breathing and told my baby to come out. Within a few minutes she was born.My husband and I were so surprised as we did not know the sex,and felt strongly it was boy.We are so happy!

We loved the first few moments admiring her as she laid on my abdomen.My daughter came to the room and was very happy.We enjoyed our first day as a family of four at yui.I can’t image a better place anywhere to have a baby.I am so grateful to all this yui staff and Dr.Shimabukuro. They are all angels and I loved every minute here with them.What a wonderful place to have and enjoy the first days with my new baby.We are so thankful!I had the beautiful birth I had hoped for.