The staff was so helpful and accommodating.

My baby is estimated due date was January 6 2014 so we were very surprised when my water broke at 2:15am on December 15.I was 36 weeks 5 days pregnant.I sent a message to my Amanda(Dula) suggested we get some rest and call Yui in the morning.I wasn’t having regular surges yet.I was awake until 3:30am and finally fell asleep until 7:30am.

I contacted Kyoko,my translater,after breakfast.She called Yui and explained what I was feeling.They wanted me to go to the clinic to check if my water had actually released,we packed our bags slowly and left for Yui around 9:30am.

We waited for a few minutes to see the doctor.The clinic was full of patients.She confirmed the water had released and sent us upstairs to our room to get settled.We walked around the neighborhood for about an hour to kill time.Surges were 10-20min apart,not consistent yet.

We ate lunch at the clinic,and left for another walk by now,around 1pm,surges were becoming more legular,5-8min apart.My husband contacted Amanda who joined us around 3pm.Kyoko had arrived just before then.Everyone is here,this party may begin!

I was in the birthing room and started leaning over on the ball.I did this as well as sit and rock on the ball to manage contractions.Amanda and my husband applied lovely pressue to my lower back which helped a lot!

Mid-afternoon I moved from the room to the bathroom,rocking,leaning with on foot on the floor and another on the toilet seat.My husband and Amanda always with me.Surges were getting stronger so I moved to the tub,and had hot woter spraying my back.This felt good,I love water!

I think surges were less than 5min apart by nowand we moved back to the toilet,where I sat for some time.This helped move my baby downthe birth path.I also felt like pushing and gave in to that temptation at this point.

After 5pm(I think?) I moved to the floor,where the staff propeled for delivery.I was on all fews and ended up staying here through delivery.I was activety pushing now and I believe the staff was surprised at how quickly things were moving.I was definitely oblivious to how quickly time was passing.My husband supported me at my head,and Amanda talked me though the surges.Her reminders on how to breath ware exactly what I needed at this point.I am also thankful for the staff applying pressue pressure on my perineum duling the surges.This phase of my labor pushed my limits but I had all the help I needed.My baby graced us at 6:20pm,and I was so elated to turn around and meet him.We layed together,skin to skin for some time,he was quiet but content and absolutely perfect.

About 30-45min later,and after some uncomfortable surges,the placenta came out.I was uncomfortable but the doctor examined/stitched/helped my body,all the while my husband and I were enjoying our new son.

We ate dinner in the birthing room,and spent the rest of the evening texting family and enjoying life.

The staff was so helpful and accommodating.

I loved my experience and am so grateful for Amanda,my husband,Kyoko,Yui and all staff.It was perfect.