C-section birth review

When I discovered that I was pregnant, I was recommended by a friend to visit Yui Clinic. From the very beginning I loved the feel of the place. It has carefully nurtured a calming, home-like environment. All of the staff are very kind, friendly and extremely competent. In consultation with the doctor, I weighed my options and decided to have a scheduled C-section as I had previously required a C-section with the birth of my daughter in the U.S.

I prepared myself for a lengthy and uncomfortable procedure, but my birth experience was surprisingly positive. The surgery was efficient, and extremely carefully done. The recovery period was extremely well-supported by the doctor and midwives. Even the food was excellent-fresh and lovingly hand-made, and beautifully presented. Each of the women who came to help me and my baby in these first days of his life had something unique and valuable to share. They really go above and beyond to foster a positive environment for mothers, babies and their families. I recommend that any woman seeking care should give it a try.

Dr. Shimabukuro is very understanding and the clinic allows for family to be close by or even involved in the experience of birth. My husband was by my side the entire time during the procedure, and the baby was quickly brought to me for skin-to-skin contact. My daughter also was able to greet her brother within minutes. Later, in our private room, they facilitated skin-to-skin cuddling for baby and his father as well. Many efforts were made to ensure comfort for all of us, and this added to my positive feelings about the experience at Yui Clinic.