My Exceptional Experience at YUI Clinic

First and foremost, Thank You. Thank you from myself, my husband and my beautiful baby girl. We have been truly blessed and fortunate to experience our first birth at your clinic. As a resident of Okinawa for almost 3 years we have grown very close to the culture and people; your clinic embodies everything that we have grown to love about this beautiful island. From the first appointment to our one month postpartum check up, the inviting environment and welcoming staff have made this a positive and encouraging experience. We were striving for a natural birth in a calm, less medical, home-like environment that also had the peace of mind that should complications or an emergency arise, necessary care was available. Yui Clinic provided us with just that and was a perfect choice for our family.

I cannot say enough about Yui’s thorough care. Meeting not only with Dr. Fumi, but with a midwife at each appointment guaranteed complete prenatal care and ensured all my questions were answered. The informative classed offered covered everything you need to know, and were always a pleasure to attend! I was supported my entire pregnancy whenever I needed assistance or peace of mind. Even on their busiest days, they made time to see me without a scheduled appointment. When the big day came, I arrived at Yui with entire faith in their hands. Because of my fantastic care and education up to this point, Yui enabled me to be confident, relaxed and determined. The midwife’s expertise, intuition and attentiveness guided me through a quick, natural and foremost, safe birth. Our daughter never left our side, all exams were done in the room with us there. Care for me was just as important, to include massages (need I say more?). Meals were wonderful, traditional Okinawan/Japanese cuisine cooked with fresh ingredients in their own kitchen by the most pleasant staff. Education continued after her arrival with personal, one-on-one help with breastfeeding and even how to properly bathe our new daughter. We felt confident and rested enough to bring our baby home after six days and returned for a one week and one month check up. Each appointment was handled with the same care and consideration as before.

We cannot express enough gratitude to the staff for their unprecedented guidance and support. Their attention to detail, kindness and patience with both mother and baby are exceptional. Being a military family, we had to move our new family soon after we were established. I joke about it now, but Yui has set such a high standard of care for us, that I believe it will be difficult to have another baby anywhere else. We will cherish our amazing opportunity to grow and learn about parenting in Yui’s serene environment always.