Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

August 19th 2018                    Aila Rei Boehm

6 lbs      8.5 oz   (2964 g)           19:48 inches (49.47 cm)

Finding Dr. Fumi and Yui Clinic was the greatest part of my birth process. From my first appointment to my last day here I have never felt so well cared for and cared about. Dr. Fumi, the midwives, staff, and translators all genuinely care about not just the birth, but your care after. My birth experience was so much more than I expected going into it. I knew I wanted a natural birth, and Yui had so much more to offer in addition to that. What I got was a life changing event. Having such a caring staff and a relaxing atmosphere helped so much. I was able to truly enjoy birthing our daughter. During our stay, myself, our daughter and my husband were so carefully looked after. The midwives helped me with breastfeeding around the clock and I felt very confident going home with all the knowledge they gave me. The food was also better than expected. One of the reasons we chose Yui was for the recovery and importance of nutrition in that process. Every meal was different, yet well balanced. Every meal was also better than the last! (Please publish a cook book!)

My experience written here can’t reflect how we truly feel about this clinic. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.