What a privilege to be able to give birth here at Yui Clinic !

2015.5.20           6:47 AM         A little boy (our 2nd child)         3282 g

What a privilege to be able to give birth here at Yui Clinic and celebrate new life with such an amazing group of women! You have created a beautiful safe haven to welcome new people into the world. Thank you! I am so thankful for my time here at Yui Clinic. Everyone has been so gentle & kind. You celebrated my first completed dish of nato, my first son, and now my second son. You have guided me through 2 months (total) of threatening preterm labor. You have been by my side through some of my darker moments and 2 of the highest points in my life. You have shaped me into the mother that I am. Thank you.

Our story goes something like this: I came to Yui Clinic on Wednesday, April 29th for threatening preterm labor. I was again having contractions about 5 minutes apart. Being just shy of 34 weeks, we agreed that I would stay. Fast forward to Tuesday, May 19th- I was allowed to return home for the remainder of my pregnancy. To our surprise (sort of) this was less than 24 hours.

On April 20th at 2AM I woke up to my alarm to remind me to take my medicine. To my surprise, I found that I began having contractions about 5-10 minutes apart. At 2:30AM, I took a 2nd dose of medication because I didn’t yet know it was time. I had been having runs of contractions throughout my pregnancy – so this seemed somewhat normal. However, the intensity of these contractions began to mount.

My husband rubbed my back & I took a quick shower. The contractions continued to grow – so we called Yui Clinic & began to prepare to go in again.

We placed our first son in the car & loaded up to go. By now my contractions were causing me to pause & focus. As we arrived at Yui Clinic, I threw up & was greeted by Sanae San who was helping us. I paused again as we entered the clinic. It was about 5:00AM.

Miwa San greeted us as the night midwife on duty. We were wheeled upstairs & taken straight to the labor room. I was able to lie down, use the restroom, and chat between contractions for a little while but things began to get blurry as a I became more focused. When they initially measured me, I was 8cm.

Our son looked concerned at times, patted my head, laid next to me (or on me), ate his snacks, and sometimes cried. I was so thankful that he could be there with us. He came in and out as needed.

The position I enjoyed most was lying on my side, just resting my head. Miwa San suggested I try the green ball & I found this to be a little more difficult but this could also be because labor was advancing. The baby’s heart rate decreased a little so I returned to my side to deliver our 2nd child. With this position, my husband could see the baby come out as Dr. Fumi & Miwa San helped deliver him. I didn’t realize that the baby had come. I was so surprised & overwhelmingly happy. The 2 hours of quiet family time was a true treasure. My husband got to tell me that we welcomed our second son. What a beautiful moment. My husband & first son got to cut the cord together.

Thank you Yui Clinic for such a beautiful memory.