All the staff was incredibly supportive.

2018.6.27         3:38         3284g

I had my first child in a civilian hospital in the US nearly 3 years ago so when I found out I was pregnant in Japan I was excited to experience the Japanese way of labor and delivery. I’m glad I picked Yui Clinic!

My water broke at 23:30 and I was at home. About 30 minutes later I called my translator when my contractions were less than 10 minutes apart. When I arrived at the clinic around 1:00, the environment was so peaceful. The staff monitored the baby and the contractions and then let me labor peacefully until I felt like it was time for the baby to come out. I moved into the position that was the most comfortable and with the help of the midwives and Dr. Fumi, I delivered my healthy baby boy just a short time later. I was able to hold him skin to skin immediately and before breakfast. I was resting in my own room. The whole experience was very calm,peaceful and all the staff was incredibly supportive.