Baby birth with proper loving care made everything worth it.

11/7    I was admitted to the Clinic after a check-up due to the high BP. I was having very smooth pregnancy all 10 months so I was not expecting early admission (39 weeks 5 days)

11/8    I requested inducing because I was not comfortable enough for my BP to stabilize and unexpected labor to cause problem to me and the baby. Dr. Fumi explained different methods and suggested balloon (non-invasive) to start with, and I agreed. All day with a balloon, I had pain every 5 minutes but we couldn’t tell that if it is the labor pain or my body fighting with the balloon. At the end, when Dr. Fumi took the balloon out, all the pain was gone and I had no progress.

11/9    Around 2-3 am I lost some mucus plug and later found that my water broke around that time as well. By then, I was too impatient and requested caesarean, and Dr. Fumi said we will wait at least a day, but scheduled for a caesarean the next day morning. I wasn’t dilating at all that morning, had no contraction so I was expecting a surgery in the morning. Around 2 pm I started to have contraction like pain in duration (interval) of 3-5 minutes. But because of the scheduled surgery, there was no scheduled dilation check. I had the labor pain until the next day 6 am. During these long time midwives took care of me so well I can’t appreciate them enough.

11/10     6 am rolled around. Before the surgery, Dr. Fumi checked my dilation and I was at 9 cm. I called my husband from the room and everything start moving fast. I started pushing in different poses, for about 3 hours 2 minutes I finally had him. It didn’t feel real, but it happened. Everyone checked on the baby and me. Until the very last minute I was so irritated with pain. I wanted a surgery and done with the whole thing but in the end, baby birth with proper loving care made everything worth it.

11/11   Still in recovery, and will for a few more days.