Trusting yourself and having the right people around you February 8, 2017


February 8, 2017, 42 weeks 1 day   4062 grams  baby boy #3

I feel so fortunate to have found a birth clinic that I feel so welcomed, safe, and comfortable at. I knew that after having such an empowering, smooth labor and birth with my second son here at Yui Clinic, that this would also be where I bought my next son (3rd boy) into the world.

I had a very active, healthy pregnancy with Cameron, somewhat by choice, but also because I have my 2 amazing, energetic boys to keep me busy for the 42 weeks I was pregnant. I knew that I could handle natural birth since I experienced it just a little over 2 years ago. But as the 40-week mark passed by, each and every day I had to work harder to remind myself that my body is capable. The staff here and m midwife of choice, Maya Yoshida and Dr. Fumi also reassured me, as each week passed that I just need to trust my body and that we can wait as long as the baby is healthy. The baby was luckily healthy with a great amount of amniotic fluid so I continued to enjoy time with my baby as Maya reminded me even while inside “He’s enjoying with you”. Those words really impacted the last couple of weeks of my pregnancy. I simply needed to be reminded, just because the baby is not earthside yet, doesn’t mean he isn’t with you, experiencing your family moments….

On my 42nd week of pregnancy, I went into what ended up being false labor. I had contractions for about 3 hours consistently but after staying through the night here, all my contractions subsided. So, I decided when the morning came, to go home to be with my family and wait for the real deal.

It was February 8th, my original due date was January 24th so I was more than ready to meet my son. I took my boys to daycare in the morning so that my husband and I could after our eventful night just a few hours ago. I picked them up around their nap time and enjoyed napping with them too. When we woke up, I started feeling contractions again but tried not to get too wrapped around any numbers or anything because of the false labor I just experienced.

I spent my late afternoon walking for about an hour around sunset as we do as a family almost every day and came home to some family members who were kind enough to cook dinner for us. Even during dinner, I felt contractions here and there and decided to rest in bed to relax after a shower.

We decided after getting our 2 boys to sleep that it might be a good idea to go to Yui and meet my midwife Maya. Our drive was smooth and my mom and sisters live here on the island and spent the night with my boys so my mind was at ease.

When my husband Cody and I parked in front of Yui and the minute I stepped out the car, I had a little meltdown. Thoughts and emotions took over me, “What if this is like the other night?”, “Can I do this?”, “I can’t handle another night of false labor.” But my husband held me and told me how amazing I was and that he loved me and knew my strength. So I had my mini pity party and walked into what actually would be….my baby’s birthday.

When I walked in, I met Maya and we discussed what I wanted to do. I wanted to labor in the bathtub so while she got that ready for me, I mentally started feeling stronger and more confident in myself and baby. I decided in that moment that I didn’t want any measurements taken, not time, or dilation. I knew my body and energy that my birth team (Maya, my husband Cody, baby and I) would know when he would be born. Numbers would only mess with me at this point.

I made the choice to trust everything within me and around me.

The bath was ready and I went in. labor started picking up as time passed. I gauged my labor and progression from my breath. And how my breath moved to a low toned release of noise. There were moments where I would literally talk to myself and baby “You can do this”, “Keep breathing”, “Open and more down”. What felt like a couple of hours in the tub, Maya suggested that we make our way to the futon. She knew I was getting exhausted. I couldn’t even get out without the help of her, my husband, and another midwife.

My legs were so weak from being in the squat positions for hours. It took all my strength to make my way out the tub and onto the futon just an ew feet away. I also felt that Cameron would be here soon. This moment is everything I was working for, but yet I was afraid to face the end of labor.

We got to the futon and Maya suggested getting into a comfortable position. Honestly, nothing is close to comfortable but I decided to get on all fours and felt enormous amounts of pressure. I knew my biggest challenge was coming. The energy started to change in the room. I could feel labor was nearing its end. But when the end would be was still a mental challenge facing me. I kept my thoughts positive and my pushing phase came.

The last contractions are strangely the strongest, most intense but also the most gratifying. Within about 7 intense surges and a few uncontrollable pushes, he was earthside. There is no happier moment than meeting your baby for the first time.

When labor ended, I glanced at the time, 3:45 am. I was impressed with how fast and smooth our labor happened. We just checked in at midnight.

Trusting yourself and having the right people around you will really help you accomplish anything in life.

So thankful for my husband who was there every minute and Maya for helping me birth 2 of my 3 sons and especially baby Cameron for choosing me to be his mommy.

Thank you once again to all the staff, midwives, and Dr. Fumi for your pure hearts, comfortable environment and relaxing atmosphere to bring my son into this world.

You all hold such a special place in my heart and my family’s lives.

Love and Friendship.