Despite the cultural differences, everyone welcomed us with open hearts.2015.9.1

Never in my life did I imagine I would give birth to my first child in a foreign country so far from home and family. I was scared that moving to Japan would limit me to having to give birth in a military hospital that didn’t support fully natural births. I was so happy that after a little research I found I had a second option in Okinawa. The Yui Clinic and staff have far exceeded my expectations.

At prenatal appointments I always felt very welcomed here and that Dr. Fumi and the midwives always listened to my concerns and cared about both my mental and physical health. Even at the end of my pregnancy when I had to be admitted early due to high blood pressure I always felt as though my wishes for an intervention-free birth were respected.

My birth couldn’t have gone better. Even with the health concerns, I was allowed to labor in private with my husband just as I had always wanted. My midwife was a “ninja” and was able to continue monitoring my labor without disrupting me.

I will forever be thankful for the care of my family (husband, mother, baby) and I received here. Despite the cultural differences, everyone welcomed us with open hearts. We enjoyed our stay here. The food was outstanding and I also enjoyed my massage. America needs to take lessons from you on how to care for new mothers and their families.

Thank you for everything!