YUI made me see the true beauty of maternity and labor. (03-31-18)


Birthing at YUI Clinic was an incredible experience. Since I was diagnosed with PROM, I had to be admitted ahead of time. The midwives and Dr. Fumi were very attentive and they made sure that me & my baby’s condition were safe & sound.

It has been almost 48 hours since my water broke, but still, there were no signs of dilation. I had to be given 6 dosages of an oral pill that would ripen my cervix. 12 hours had past but still, no dilation. I was getting really upset, anxious, and frustrated. Fortunately, at 8:00 pm of March 30, things began to roll up. During my early labor, the staff was there to give me massages and encouraging words. They made sure I was well-rested before active labor begins. I felt true care from them and my doula, Rachel.

After 16 hrs of labor, my bouncing baby boy, Noah, was beautifully delivered. I thank everyone at YUI Clinic for attending to all my needs and respecting every decision I wanted. I will forever be grateful for this event. Definitely, YUI made me realize and see the true beauty of maternity and labor, and the core essence of womanhood and family.  (04/1/18)