a peaceful bonding and recovery time 2018.8.2


My water broke late the night before Ella was born. I had no contractions and all was calm and peaceful so I tried to sleep. After about 1 1/2 hours I got up and started to make preparations, and that’s when contractions began. The first phase of labor was quick! It lasted about an hour and then I started feeling the baby come down. It was exciting that I had progressed so fast. I woke my husband at this point and he got up and got our things together to go to Yui. We called the translator to alert her and she called the clinic to let them know we were coming. Then we called our friend to come stay with our other kids. We got to the clinic at 3:10 am, and Ella was born at 3:46 am! She came face up and so I delivered on all fours, with lots of support from my husband and the midwives. The staff was incredibly supportive, not only during birth, but in the hours and first days after. I am so grateful for their care, it allowed for a peaceful bonding and recovery time for our whole family.

All the best,