so thankful for such a wonderful and easy birthing experience.November 20, 2016


Birth Story November 20, 2016, 20:10 3274 grams

My date was set for December 2nd so it was a huge shock when I woke to my water breaking at 04:15 on November 20th. I was in bed and quickly ran to the bathroom. My husband, Carlos, woke up soon after and came to check on me. After seeing what was happening, he called our translator, Kaori to call the clinic. He also called our doula, Laura Barbour, who recommended we relax, eat some breakfast, shower and take our time. While my husband continued to try to contact the clinic, I took Laura’s advice and took a nice long shower. When I got out, Carlos prepared the bedroom for me to lay down with dim lights, and my Hypnobirthing Rainbow Relaxation audio. I tried to relax while he showered and got ready. We finished preparing ourselves and alerting key family members with Carlos’s “It’s Go Time” message around 07:00 and headed to Yui Clinic.

When we arrived, we were taken to the delivery room to be monitored. Baby girl was healthy, but I was not yet close to delivery. Surges were irregular, but some as close as 6-8 minutes apart. We were moved into our room to relax and settle in. we spent most of the day trying to rest. Surges continued getting stronger and around 15:00, we took a walk to help move things along. At 17:00, we were seeing some progress and asked our doula to join us at the clinic. When she arrived, she helped us with some positions to relieve some of the pain of the surges. Carlos was also doing a great job suggesting positions and talking me through each surge. Maya, the midwife who was with us helped by giving us an exercise ball to use.

At about 18:00, Maya moved us to the delivery room. I started out laying on my side, but surges soon were accompanied by an urge to push, which was not the ideal position so I moved up to my knees and leaned forward against y husband who was sitting on a stool. He talked me through deep breathing before, during, and after surges. I was having a difficult time not holding my breath so Maya, Carlos, and Laura constantly reminded me. They were an amazing team to have with me. Maya used essential oils on my back to help comfort me. I pushed for two short hours before Aviana Audrey made her debut. They handed me my baby girl through my legs and I immediately was leaned back to hold her on my chest. I was so relieved to finally hold her in my arms. They quickly toweled her off as we got out first look at our beauty. I couldn’t believe how perfect she was!

The midwives continued to work while we enjoyed our first moments of relaxation as a family and Laura snapped a few pictures. After one hour, Dr. Fumi returned to help deliver the placenta with a few uncomfortable pushes. Laura went to get Carlos some dinner to replenish him after a long day!

I am so thankful for such a wonderful and easy birthing experience. The midwives took such great care of us. Thank you to Maya for her comforting presence! We can’t thank you enough!

February 17, 2017