Giving birth at YUI Clinic is an amazing experience. APRIL 3, 2018

  (APRIL 3, 2018)       37 weeks 5 days  Boy       1st Child

Giving birth at YUI Clinic is an amazing experience. I have never imagined and expected. I got accepted to YUI at my 31-32 weeks. My contractions started from midnight on April 3, 2018. After I lost my mucus plug the day before. I couldn’t be able to sleep because my contractions came in every 7-15 minutes. At about 7 am, we decided to go to YUI to get ready for the delivery. We arrived at YUI around 7:20 am and my contractions became stronger and regular. My water broke at around 8:30 am while I was breathing through a contraction with my hypnobirthing breathing technique. The midwife and my husband tried to use the counter pressure on my back to release my back pain, and my translator, Tomoko-san was giving me a lot of mental support at the same time. The contractions became stronger and stronger within the next two hours. I wasn’t able to rest between contractions because I was shaking a lot due to my tense muscles. My doula, Rachel, arrived at 11:00 am and gave me a very useful advice that I need to get some pain reliever, so that I can rest between contractions and make it to the delivery. I was finally being able to relax and rest after the pain medication. About 3 hours later, I can feel the baby moving down, but he was at posterior position which was the reason I suffered from so much back pain. Rachel then told me to change my labor position to all four to get the baby to turn. About an hour later, with 4 pushes, my baby was born at 3:15 pm. Thank you so much for Dr. Fumi, my translator, Tomoko San, my doula, Rachel. They were so supportive in terms of emotionally and physically to cheer me up, encourage me, give me advice and use their professions to help me get through my very painful but special moment in my life. After my labor, I stayed at YUI for 6 days. The midwives gave me a 24-hour support for breastfeeding, questions, and my after-care. They are just only one-button away. The rest of the staff at YUI was also caring and professional. We are fully cared by every staff in the clinic. This contributed greatly to my after-birth recovery. Dr. Fumi, Dr. Tadao and all the staff, they are not only providing a safe, secured and comfortable environment for me to give birth and recover, but also treating me like my family who really cares for my well-being.

April 8, 2018

(a baby boy who is lucky enough to be born at YUI)